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The Magnarelli enterprise has its origins in 1900 as a farmer of olive trees and producer of artisanal liqueurs for home use. The company is in Sonnino in the province of Latina, near Rome.

The legend tells that the previous owner of the land on which our company stands, Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli, last secretary of the papal state, used to bless his land with the gold sprinkler, and it was in our land that he lost it without never find it again.

Hence, the idea of concentrating and focusing on artisanal productions with 23kt edible gold, as if our land gave back the gold of the papal sprinkler that was never found. In 2022, supported by technicians’ experts in the liquor sector, we decided to resume the old and ancient recipes of our ancestors to make them known all over the world enriched by the noble golden metal.

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